21 May 2021

Styling your home – How electrical accessories can bring your home to life!

Is your house looking dull or drab?

Sick of having white walls but not knowing how to mix it up?

SPG have some top tips for you:


Decorative Sockets/Switches:

Decorative sockets/switches

Sockets/Switches can look ugly and unpleasant however instead of just white sockets there is now an array of different colours and textures, from black to red.

Using decorative sockets/switches is a brilliant way to break up your home, I personally have Black Nickel sockets/switches and they are more of a feature than an eyesore.

Decorative sockets can also be purchased with USB ports, this is a fabulous feature to have, making charging electrical items easier.




Decorative lighting:

From recessed wall lights, decorative light fittings to LED Strip lighting. Decorative lighting will not only illuminate your home but create a focal point.


Recessed Lighting

  • Recessed wall lights are installed into the ceiling or wall, the fixture of the light is hidden and then you have a decorative trim or the full fitting can be completely hidden. Perfect for small spaces such as narrow hallways, stairways or used to highlight walkways. These lights are chic and classy, creating a homely ambience.







Feature Lighting

  • Decorative light fittings these can be used instead of a pendant, ideally in the centre of a room as a focal feature, they can also be installed above your dining table to create a warm space.








  • LED Strip LightingLED Strip lighting this is a flexible material with several LED’s along the strip, it comes on a reel usually with adhesive backing. LED strip is used mainly as feature lighting, to highlight areas in order for them to stand out such as display cabinets, under kitchen units, back lighting such as behind your TV, mirrors etc, it can also be recessed into the wall or ceiling.






These are just some of our tips for styling your home using electrical accessories, keep an eye on our blogs for more styling tips!

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