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Telescopic LED lighting mast:

Here at SPG Electrical Ltd we provide a full lighting solution for horse and sports arenas, indoor and outdoor. Our tailored lighting solutions are perfect for indoor and outdoor arenas as well as tennis courts and other outdoor sports. We have designed the lighting mast to give you the best possible lighting when riding and jumping, the lighting mast eliminates black spots by using high lumen output LED lights while keeping energy costs low.

Providing the right kind of lighting for your project will ensure you’re riding to the best of your ability. Lighting plays a massive factor on how the rider and horse perform. By extending the lighting up to 8 meters you are eliminating the amount of glare for the rider and preventing accidents.

Our LED arena lights cost more to buy but you will save on electricity costs and maintenance due to low energy LED lighting and retractable lights that are easy to work on. The lights will sit at 2.4meters off the ground when fully retracted down, this makes any adaptations very easy and also planning permission friendly. The cables are installed inside the posts so minimal cable is on show.

The masts can either be extended to full height using a hand winch or using our state of the art 24volt automated motor, the lights can also be turned 360 degrees on the top bracket making them easy to adjust. No power? No problem, we can even provide a solar, battery powered option for the hard to reach installs which can power the lights and the motor for up to 6 hours.

Our lights are planning friendly and comply with most local authorities planning requirements. Being fully retractable they are low glare and low visual impact to the local surroundings.

Available in:

– Black
– Red
– White
– Green
– Cream
– Yellow

40×20 arena:

– 2x telescopic poles (electric 24v or hand driven)
– 8x 100w LED lights lights

60×40 or 50×40 arena:

– 4x telescopic poles (electric 24v or hand driven)
– 16x 100w LED lights lights

Design your own:

– If your arena is of a different size to the ones stated above or you have another area where you work your horse, we can provide a free quotation on the best possible lighting options or alternatively you can tell us what you need

We can supply the materials only or we can fully install your lighting on site.

For more information or a free quotation contact us on 01706 507277