18 Feb 2017

Energy saving tips:

From offices to retail we have saved businesses around the UK thousands! The best saying I have heard in 2017 is ‘a great way of creating green energy is stopping it at the source’, i.e. change your energy eating lighting to LED.

LED Lighting a new technology:

LED lamps and tubes have many clear advantages, here are just 3 that you might like to know about:

  1. LED lighting will reduce your energy bill:
    • In a climate of financial austerity and rising energy costs, reducing your own energy costs by fitting LED lighting will have a significant effect on your overall outgoings.
    • LED lamps will reduce incandescent and halogen lamp energy usage. A 400W hi-bay replaced by a 128w LED hi-bay unit is a 73% reduction.
    • Over the lifetime of an LED hi-bay unit (50,000 hours) it will consume 6,400kWh (at 10 p/kWh) costing £640. Over the same period the halogen equivalent will consume 24,000kWh
    • costing £2400. That’s £1760 saved for each hi-bay replaced by an LED.

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  1. LED lighting will reduce your carbon footprint:
  • A 400W metal halide hi-bay lamp replaced by a 128W LED hi-bay unit is a reduction of 73%.
  • Over the lifetime of the LED hi-bay unit (50,000 hours) it will emit 3.49 tonnes of CO2. The metal halide equivalent, over the same period, will emit 13.03 tonnes of CO2.
  • Currently the Government’s CRC scheme will be levying £12 for each tonne of CO2 emitted meaning an extra £156.96 tax saved on each hi-bay replaced by LED.

  1. LED lighting will reduce your maintenance bill:


  • Maintenance is not just the replacement cost of the lamp but also the cost of both personnel and equipment needed to make the replacement.
  • A 400W metal halide hi-bay lamp will cost, typically £16. A metal halide hi-bay lamp will need replacing frequently. In order to do this, it will require the cost of high access equipment hire (£120 / day) plus the cost of at least 2 qualified personnel for a couple of hours (another £40) without even considering any process down time to enable the replacement.
  • With an LED hi-bay unit lasting over 3 times the average rated life the metal halide it is replacing, the provable maintenance cost saving is in the region of £528 per hi-bay replaced by LED.

Those 3 reasons alone add up to a saving of £2445 for every 400W halogen hi-bay lamp replaced by a 120W UK LED hi-bay unit or £1.17 per 24hr operation of each hi-bay unit.

All lamps have an average rated life of 50,000 hours and are fully warranted for 5 years.

We at SPG electrical are offering a free site visit and quote for you, our new and existing customers. We thrive on giving the best service to our customers and helping them become more energy efficient in turn saving you money!

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